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Saklikent Canyon, which is the arm of Eşen draws the border between Antalya and Muğla are canyons formed by Karachai. Water easily with the help of the fault cracks craggy limestone terrain and deep canyons can aşıdır oluşmuştur.uzunlug of 18 km, a height of 200 m. It drops up to 2 meters at its narrowest. Karacan flow, which is a tributary of the Canyon exit Eşen 14-17 m³ / s.

The bottom of the canyon is filled with heavy running water, the water passes through the canyon’s steep slopes imkansızdır.giriş attached to iron rods can be done with a 200-meter wooden bridge. Quite cold with strong karstic springs are located after the bridge. Summer picnic area was used as the season of Fethiye 180-210 thousand tourists come annually.

Official newspaper dated 06.06.1996 Saklıkent around the canyon was declared a national park under protection. Kaş and Fethiye’s 12 390 hectares of national parkland located in three villages. According to the height of the vegetation seen in the Makin area, red pine, larch and cedar create communities ..

Currents are very fierce and cold water flows. While continuing to Kınık direction from west Patara in Antalya Saklikent 16km from the turnoff. Very close to the ancient city of Xanthos.

The discovery of the canyon is based on the very near future. As a result of the goats here kidnapping a shepherd discovered the canyon According to rumors go after the goats, I would wonder in the campus environment. Following the report of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, this is the shepherd Saklıkent after declaring National Park is also the state with the support of private companies Saklıkent today.

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