Car, Jeep, ATV (QUAD BiKE)

All kind 4 whell


Scooter, Motorbike


Bicycle, Disability Vehicles

Rental Conditions

Driving license and age

Tenant lease agreement during A, B, C, D group for the tools, or is at least 2-year domestic international must have’s license.

Rental Period

At least a day. Special rates apply for long leases


Prices include lubrication, maintenance, third parties (legal policy boundaries) insurance guarantee that includes 18% VAT (value added tax) is not included. Fuel kiralayana. Car service is available on request and interpreter Guide. 48 hours in advance, provided that report the child safety seat can be rented.


The total rent is charged at the time of rental. Minimum rental is 24 hours, 3 hours in case of delay exceeding the tolerance is known for Three hours for each additional hour is 1/3 of the fee applied for.


İn the case of damage to the vehicle at the time of the event if the charterer to the mutual accident is involved in an accident with the tool against an identified minutes required. If you meet all the costs of the rental in case of delivery to Agent Doldurmadığı. If the vehicle accident with a tool from the tool download kımıldatma from the event instead of the coup has the responsibility of the State or the county or village is connected with the police, the gendarmerie (155) (156) by searching for the record must meet. Photocopy of driver’s license, Insurance, vehicle traffic accident identified to be a photocopy of the minutes is mandatory. If the costs for the vehicle and car lease will be Tutturmadığı process by integrating daily rental fee  built car obliged. Tire bursts, far, glass is beyond the scope of insurance damages, spare tire carrier arrive too late. No win in flawed, under the influence of alcohol and drugs-legal speed limits must be made; otherwise they are kept all the damage which the agent uses. The Insurance Fund’s and rented the vehicle stolen tenants, equipment within 45 days of the date the vehicle is found, the tool is not met, the price of the rent that is responsible for paying the sales price of the vehicle’s 0 kilometres. Tenants can use a second person other than tool; However, it is possible with the current identity and ehliyetin contract record. Otherwise, insurance is held responsible for all the damages that lease is void and the tool.

Delivery Drop

Fethiye is situated very close to the deliveries are free of charge. Turn the Turkey outside the city, whatever the delivery notice with the condition to the hotel, Office, railway stations, ports, and so on can be made to places.

Traffic fines

Traffic fines belong to the customer. If the duration of the lease period, including police. Phoenix rental in cases required prior notice these terms and you can change the type of the specified information, Reservation tool. The grass roots of our cars abroad.

Can I get the car at the airport?

Booking information specified aircraft without going on to work at the airport one hour before your vehicle you ready your vehicle is delivered to you by our friends hosted.

Car Hire Prices On What The Running Costs?

You can use the mileage leased cars. Fethiye Hotels vehicle receipt and drop in, no additional fee will be charged. Dalaman airport is an additional Euro 20.

How Can I Pay?

Available in Turkey and all European currencies, with the American dollar, Turkish Lira and the payment can be made.

What Can I Do If The Car Failures?

Timely periodic maintenance of vehicles for technical problems while you are on the move and not be interrupted by cryptic fully. Despite this; just call us when there is a fault. To resolve the problem as soon as possible, no matter where you are in your own care for have you experienced your car would resolve the failure of the personellerimiz. In case of fault of the prolongation of the same group will be another tool available to you.

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