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About Fethiye

In the Mediterranean region, which is a district of Fethiye Mugla province, east and south of Antalya; south, southwest and west of the Mediterranean; northwest of Dalaman; north is surrounded by the province of Denizli and Burdur. Cutting the border with the Mediterranean Region Aegean Region Fethiye, it is located in a hilly area. 3. District lands in geological time occurs from high mountain range formed by the collapse and the rise and is surrounded by mountains. This mountain has put a lot of large and small slopes.

County land south of Babadag (1,969 m), north of Denizli and forms the natural border between the provinces of Burdur Bead Mountain (2,000 m.) Is located. Moreover southwest it is also bordered by the Gulf of Fethiye. Also mountainous areas are covered with coniferous and broad-leaved forest. Akdag form the start of the West Taurus, which forms the natural border with southwest-northeast direction in the district of Antalya. Bead Mountain in part by declining toward the spouse Akdag Valley plateau is located. Gocek harbor in the port of Fethiye and Göcek, there are Katrancık and Kızılad.

Mainly arising from Eşen District lands are watered by rivers originating from western and eastern Kizildag mountains. Bodrum area is 3,059 km2 and the total population of 142 557.

A typical Mediterranean climate prevails in the district. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy.

Fethiye weaving economy, agriculture, forestry, mining and tourism is based. Grown major agricultural crops, cotton, tobacco, sugar beet, anise, sesame, peanut, olive, citrus fruit. In addition, vegetable fields and greenhouses are made. Forestry is quite advanced and is at the forefront economically. Acorns collected from the forest in the district is obtained from red pine resin. Characteristic of the rare frankincense coastal forest in the world (daily) is covered with trees. Frankincense oil used in the perfumery, pharmaceutical and the tree is obtained. Frankincense oil is also an export product. In the village of Fethiye flat woven rugs and mats on hand looms.

Fethiye Turkey’s natural beauty and historical richness is one of the leading tourist centers. In recent years, it is one of Turkey’s top tourist region. Therefore, investments in the region have been intensified and made a lot of tourist facilities. Oludeniz comes at the beginning of the county’s top tourist region Belcegiz. Oludeniz, a narrow strait that connects the Mediterranean with a view of the lake is calm. Wooded areas along the coast begins right at the end of the beach. Also opposite the famous Knight Island Fethiye’s beaches are also important in terms of tourism.


There are land rich chromite deposits in the district. Here he found that the British jdpatterso’s first chromium vessel operating rights of these deposits in 1879 and is given to him. Today, chrome bed is operated by Eti Bank of Üçköprü Mining Organization in Gocek. There are also Eti Bank of ore enrichment plant near the city in Karagedik’te.

Fethiye’s ancient history goes down to MÖ.3000 year. Kallipolis region of Fethiye, Araxa, on land, Daidal to, Kadyanda, Karmylessos, Xanthos, Letoon, Lidai, Patara, Pinara, Sydima, and ancient cities Telandros is established.

Today in the center of Fethiye Green Forest, it was one of the most ancient city of Lycia. I Telmisi Pliny termed a city named Telmessos Lelegian constitute a border between Lycia and Caria. Livy also, a side of the bay of Green Forest Karia, writes that belong to the other side of Lycia. In m.ö.v.yüzyıl coins of the city’s name is referred to as Telebeh. If the city is known to have a long history of its founders who have also won the opening. In addition, this city, bilici (priests) made the reputation of the school. Indeed, Croesus has sent a delegation to consult the seer here before declaring war on Cyrus.

It is believed that the name of Apollo’s son Telmessos stems from Telmessos. The M.S.VII. century Byzantine Emperor ıı.anastasius the name of the town in honor of "Anastasiupolis" while the population density Greek early as amended XX.century "Makri" as anılırdığını, the first conquest of the Ottoman pilots died falling Bey here (1913) due to the city in 1934 conquest of the guys The name was given in memory of Fethiye.

BC ıv.yüzyıl Lykia’lı on the Pericles of Lycia Telmessos Telmessos’lu the commander fought with them in the past and overcome. With the takeover of Pericles’ rule of Alexander the Great came to an end. Alexander, the commander of Nearkhos continued to Anatolia time leaving here as governor general. In addition, the Green Forest Satrabı Antipatrides is left in place. After a period of Alexander the Great’s death has been attributed to Ptolemy as well as in other Lycian cities. After a war between the Romans BC Seleucid 188 with the Apameia Peace Meander (Büyük Menderes) is attached to the kingdom of Pergamon was supposed to stay south of the river that connect to Rhodes. m.ö.ıı.yüzyıl the middle between the members of the press attended the coins of the Lycian Union. King bequeathed the country after leaving Rome can seat ııı.attalos re-entered Roman domination. This is dependent on the combination of the Roman city of Lycia joined confederation among themselves.

Green Forest has been preserved in the Byzantine era metropolis Myra has been connected to the bishopric center. msvıı.yüzyıl has undergone in the Arab raiders. 1284’t to Menteşeoğulları has been dominant here. 1424’t is also the name changed to Meghri katılmıştır.telmessos the Ottoman Empire.

Hinge of Aydin province in the XIXth Century (Mugla) was an accident depends on the starboard center. After World War I, the region suffers Italian occupation after the withdrawal of the Italian War of Independence in this occupation are freed. Republican era has also been a district position.

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